Olive Love

"I am the daughter of the sun, I am the olive tree, the blessed one." 

Kostis Palamas

2 - 12 November 2022 



  • Hora Sfakion, Crete


  • 10 days

Small group

  • 6 - 12 participants

Basic & guest package incl. Accomodation & half board

  • English, Greek, German & French speaking tour guides
  • 10x breakfast with fresh, seasonal local products (lactovegetarian)
  • 9 main meals  with traditional Cretan cuisine
    • musical-culinary treat with organic wine
  • 1 picnic
  • 1 olive oil soap from own production
  • 1 care oil from own production
  • 2l organic olive oil
  • 1 day off
  • Excursions, activities & workshops as per programme
  • Transfer during the excursions
  • Entrance fees & tickets to the above excursions
  • Full CO offsetting of all excursions
  • 10 nights in a room with sea view
  • additional accommodation possible on request 

Total price

Double non ensuite room

Single non ensuite room

Triple ensuite room

Double ensuite room

Single ensuite room

Travel package (only in combination with basic package)

  • Your individual travel package tailor-made on request: transparent & fair
  • Round trip (Your airport - Crete) 
  • Full CO offsetting of travel emissions
  • Airport transfer optional

Health, safety & entry

  • All current travel information is provided by the Greek Ministry of Tourism
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance with Special Supplement-Covid-19 cover recommended
  • Sturdy, treaded, closed shoes and, if necessary, walking sticks are required for hiking.
  • The hikes listed in the itinerary require surefootedness and are moderately difficult (duration approx. 3-5hrs).

Tour operator

  • ESTIA Sfakiá, EOT-licensed travel agency, Savina Chamalidis, Hora Sfakion/Crete

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OLIVE LOVE is a confession of love to the tree of trees, the olive tree. A love confession to a small oval miracle, the olive, from which comes the liquid gold of Crete, olive oil - eternal symbols of the ancient Cretan culture. It is also a confession of love to the Sfakia, probably the most original part of Crete, and its special inhabitants.

It is in Sfakia that together we will time travel from the Minoan period to today's modern olive cultivation, retracing thousands of years of history, to immerse ourselves in the mythology and beauty that surround Cretan olive culture, which continues to this day to be of fundamental  social and economic importance to our beautiful island.

This week’s focal point is the olive tree, its attributes, its character and its incomparable fruit. We follow the olive´s path from the tree to the plate. In addition, we want to familiarise ourselves with the health-promoting effect of the olive oil and learn more about the Cretan diet. Moreover, we will begin to unravel the millennia-old “beauty secret" of olive oil.


Authentic Living in a Cretan Stone House

We stay amidst native flowers, trees and ferns in a lovingly restored traditional Cretan stone house with a beautiful garden and its own small olive grove. The house, courtyard and garden invite you to linger and allow for both retreat and time together. In the evenings, the spectacular November sunsets await us!

In the Olive Grove

We enter the olive grove for the olive harvest and gradually begin to fill the canvas sacks with ripe olives. A rich picnic with local produces make this day of harvest in the olive grove an overall sensual experience.  

From Olive to Oil

Oil mills yesterday & today: We embark on a journey through time and gain insights into traditional and contemporary olive oil mills. A special experience is the oil mill mill.o.petres with its large millstones in action.

The Olive - a Small Oval Miracle

From the tree right onto the plate: we pick olives by hand and process them together into tasty table olives according to a traditional recipe.

On Ancient Paths

We hike on ancient paths through breathtaking and unique landscape of Sfakia.

Olive Oil - Elixir of Life

Olive oil and olive tasting: Olive oil and olives are an integral part of Cretan cuisine. We become gourmets and connoisseurs and discover their diverse tastes and fine aromas.

Liquid Gold -  Elixir of Beauty   

Before the olive oil played a major role in the kitchen, it was mainly used for body care. Together we will uncover the secret of olive oil in health and beauty care and gain insights into the production and application of oils and extracts as well as the art of oil pulling.     

Mountain Worlds of Sfakia

On dreamy paths of bygone eras we hike in the White Mountains between archaic rock and heavenly expanse to the breathtaking Selouda cliff high above the Libyan Sea.

Soap Manufacturer ATHOS visiting CRETAGORA

In a soap workshop we hand-make natural olive oil soaps using natural and gently caring ingredients from nature's garden.

Insight into Cretan Cuisine & Diet

Experience the diversity of Cretan cuisine, which will not only delight your palate, but also your heart and soul. Discover the specialities of the famous Cretan diet. Taste, cook and enjoy! 

Musical-culinary feast

We gather and celebrate the harvest and feast on organic Cretan wine, traditional food and Cretan live music. Its a great opportunity to share our olive-harvest experiences!

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1.690 €

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2.190 €


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